Facial Treatments

Whether you are looking to maintain your skin health or treat specific skin conditions, you will be delighted with our state-of-the-art facial treatments. With the adequate Skin Analysis, the Skin Therapist will identify your specific skin type and condition, and will choose and recommend the appropriate products and treatments to follow. You will feel calm, educated and placid while your skin recovers its youthful and healthy appearance.

An exclusive beauty experience that offers a profound cellular detoxification and banishes signs of stress.

Price: $70   75 min

The use of steam and multiple-vitamin mask revitalizes and evens out the skin tone restoring its youthful appearance.

Price: $90   90 min

Skin re-balance through regulating excess of oil associated with acne-prone skin and stimulating cell renewal.

Price: $90   75 min

A non-invasive micro procedure for membrane resurfacing that enhances skin regeneration leaving it more supple and vibrant.

Price: $90   90 min
Series of six treatments $450

An antioxidant-rich facial peel that reduces signs of aging and brings up a more radiant and youthful appearance.

Price: $100   75 min

Pleasant treatment that induces the fast reproduction of healthy skin cells and stimulates collagen production.

Price: $100   90 min

An anti-aging treatment featuring Compu-Lift, a leading technology in collagen restoration by emitting Micro-currents. A secret to line reduction, and a radiant and even skin tone.

Price: $125   120 min