Purifying Treatment

Price: $90   75 min

Designed to successfully clear skin congestions caused by acne breakouts, and detoxify the skin, this treatment starts with a thorough Skin Analysis to determine your skin type and condition and the course that will effectively combat acne signs. Following, an intense cleansing at the very depths of the epidermis that will remove dead cells and toxins while balancing and improving the skin texture. Then a gentle steam to soften the pores.

Once the skin is cleansed and the pores are open, the hygienic extraction process begins. Removing of black and whiteheads, ingrained impurities and other congestions, leaving your skin deeply cleansed and purified. Afterwards, your Skin Therapist will apply the right acne treatment combined with nourishing and soothing creams in a luxurious massage on key areas of the face, neck and shoulders. Following a purifying mask for the face and neck.

The treatment finishes with the application of a purifying cream and a fresh aromatic awakening. As end results, your skin will be purified and balanced which contributes to the regulation of sebum secretions and promotes skin regeneration, soothing and softening the cutaneous Ph.